General Information and Tips

General Information and Tips

The Skating Shoe

From practice sessions to competitions, crossovers to double axels, figure skaters are constantly trying their best to impress coaches, judges and audiences. It’s only natural that they demand optimum performance from their equipment for stabilizing spins and cushioning jumps… time after time. Proper support and snug fit are essential in executing routine moves as well as landing difficult jumps. For this reason, dedicated craftsmen work to make skates as comfortable as walking shoes, while offering the fit and support required to skate.

Coach’s Tips

Parents sometimes think their kids will grow into them, which usually is true, but in the meantime skating will be unnecessarily difficult. Injury or foot irritation may occur and premature skate breakdown could ruin your skate investment. A second or third pair of socks is not a good solution either. A part of successful skating is to feel the boot and have it fit snugly around the foot and ankle. If you have any further questions about buying or fitting the skating boot, ask any of your Ben Boeke Learn to Skate Instructors. We will be happy to help you!!


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